" Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one and precious life"

Mary Oliver





Rachel grew up in Germany. She attended German schools and lived on a smallish farm (only chickens.) Her parents are American but moved to Germany to serve in the mission field. 

She was surrounded by people who appreciated art and culture. Her father also was a trained geologist and jewelry maker. As jewelry investigator, she looked at jewelry from a “how was this made?” perspective.

Rachel made her first necklace at the age of nine and knew then that jewelry making was her “happy place.”

As a young girl, Rachel took the train to Munich to “check out” Italian shoes and the latest fashion trends. She explored countless flea markets, to buy vintage jewelry she would redesign. Her mother instilled “money has nothing to do with having a sense of style” and good taste.

Moving back to the United States, she attended college on a fencing scholarship, where she earned a degree in Economics and International Business. She decided to pursue a career in Interior Design which is way more fun! Rachel credits interior design background with her sense of scale and color.

18 years ago, Rachel took a silversmith class. She fell in love. Her anvil is her favorite tool. “It’s fascinating to see a common shape be transformed into wearable art.”

When you take scattered pieces of materials and create jewelry, you see and not just look.  Rachel designs and creates each piece of jewelry for you to feel a lighthearted playful connection. 

Like many of us, our journey to our “why” isn’t linear.  Our WHY is what we are naturally good at and the intersection of how we can serve the world.I’ve had my fair share of challenges and obstacles, but I know my god-given talent is designing jewelry. That is how I serve the world.”

“My jewelry is especially for the untamed souls and wild at ❤️ who have the guts to strip the layers to find the truth beneath the surface. There is something so freeing in having the courage to be yourself.”

Rachel has 2 sons, loves running her dogs and riding her bike (preferably  outside) and yoga.