Meet Rachel


Rachel grew up in Germany. She attended German schools and lived on a small country farm. Her mother and father are American but moved to Germany to serve in the mission field when she was very young.

Her father was also a trained geologist and jewelry maker, and introduced her to that world. To this day, he gifts her stones that he collects from various quarries.

Rachel made her first necklace at the age of nine and knew then that jewelry making was what she wanted to do.

As a young girl, Rachel took the train to Munich to look for Italian shoes and the latest fashion trends. She explored countless flea markets, only to buy vintage jewelry she would later recreate. It was then that she realized money has nothing to do with having a sense of style and good taste.

Upon moving back to the United States, she attended Temple University on a fencing scholarship, where she earned a degree in Economics and International Business. Interestingly, she decided to pursue a career in Interior Design which appealed far more to her creative side and was ultimately more fun! In part, Rachel credits her ability to design jewelry with scale and color, to her days as an Interior Designer.

The first time Rachel took a silversmith class, she instantly fell in love. Her favorite method is forging and forming because of its resemblance to the hammering technique used to transform metal into something truly elegant.

Rachel loves to hand-pick the gem stones and other raw materials she uses to make her jewelry. Each piece is consciously crafted from inspiration and intention.

When you create something with intention, your actions and words align. Which is why Rachel designs each piece of jewelry with the intention to contribute and connect and seeks to inspire this intention in everyone who wears her jewelry.

Rachel balances her jewelry brand with family and friends, a passion for the outdoors, and a healthy lifestyle that includes yoga, biking and running with her dogs.

She has been through her share of life’s challenges but instead of letting them define her, she uses them as fuel to push forward and pursue her passions. It’s all about perspective.

Obstacles are simply redirection. They provide the perfect opportunity to discover something new and oftentimes better. Rachel’s life tells a story of curiosity, imagination and adventure.

Her experiences have helped shape the extraordinary human being behind her brand and have contributed to the unique style and expression of jewelry we see in her collections today.

Jewelry for the untamed soul + wild at heart.
Beauty is simply being you. You are precious.